ISF World School Sport Games, 2022

14th to 22nd May - Normandy, France

We are very proud to share with all members of TMS Community that our 12th grade students Eduardo Lorca, Rafael Lorca and Cristián Vera, are participating in the ISF (International Sport Federation) Gymnasiade in Normandy, France, accompanied by their coach Mr Paul Heilig, along with a delegation of different schools and sports.
Undoubtedly, this will be an extraordinary experience and Eduardo, Rafael and Cristián will be excellent representatives of our school and our country.

  Friday 20th May, 2022  

Today we won the Fair Play Award

  Thursday 19th May, 2022  

Today's program includes matches with Croatia and Chinese Taipei. We beat Croatia 2 x 1

  Wednesday 18th May, 2022  

Today's program includes cultural presentations

  Tuesday 17th May, 2022  

Today's program includes training with Hungary in the morning and 3 games as from 14:30 hrs.: China, Hungary and Latvia, all very good teams, especially Latvia. It will be a very difficult day, but we are confident that our players are at their best.

  Monday 16th May, 2022  

We lost against Brazil, current champions. 0 x 2

We beat Croatia 2 x 0!

  Sunday 15th May, 2022  

Chilean delegation and parade

  Saturday 14th May, 2022  

Exploring Deauville

  Friday 13th May, 2022  

  Thursday 12th May, 2022  

Have a good trip!